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Summer Promotion

We are offering our clients a special summer price for weekly meal-prep service! Spots are limited - call us today to make a booking!

How It Works


Clients receive customized menus based on their nutrition need and taste preference.


Your personal chef will take care of the grocery shopping. 

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Clients choose to have your personal chef cook in your kitchen or have freshly-prepared meal delivered to your door.

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Enjoy your healthy and delicious meals!

We cook delicious, healthy, personalized meals in your own home kitchen or deliver them to your door. A personalized menu is made based on your nutritious need and taste desire, and fresh organic groceries are delivered to your home. We will take care of cooking and cleaning; your kitchen is left sparkling clean and you can enjoy your favorite meals any time. 

Our Sample Meals


Healthy vegetable buddha bowl lunch with grilled chicken and quinoa, spinach, avocado, brussels sprouts, red paprika and chickpea

Pan seared scallop and shrimp risotto with spinach

Side: steamed asparagus  

peach garden salad


Oven baked wild salmon, avocado, blood orange, pine nuts on a bed of greens

served with steamed brown rice

zucchini spaghetti sauteed with tomato cherry and prawns

served with baked brussel sprouts



Book Today to Enjoy Our Special Summer Price 

Standard Plan  - 4 meals, each meal comes with 4 servings (each serving is for one person portion)

$325/week plus grocery costs

Economic Plan - 3 meals, each meal comes with 4 personal servings

$275/week plus grocery costs 

More customized plan - call to discuss

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